Easter Island: A Remarkable Destination Unfolding Its Secrets

rapa nuiLocated at the southeast corner of Pacific Ocean, this unique island is ready to fulfill the most ambitious requirements a traveler may have. This tiny dot of land surrounded by the vast waters of the world’s largest ocean combines the beauty of exotic environment with the majesty of cultural treasures creating an unprecedented experience for everyone.

If you are interested in a place of unspoiled beauty, Easter Island holds the scepter as one of the top destinations worldwide. Find out more about its amazing landscapes, the hospitable locals and the marvelous natural scenery all around.

Major Attractions on the Easter Island

The absolute highlight of Easter Island is of course the «Moai». Moai are the world famous impressive statues of human figures overlooking the inner part of the island. This magnificent deed of human creativity is considered a landmark of world culture and has opened the door to the mysterious past of Rapa Nui people. Rapa Nui people are the ones who have built these magnificent structures, with their age spectrum stretching between the years 1250 and 1500.

Approximately over 900 statues have been erected on Easter Island by these Polynesian people before the arrival of Europeans in 1722. The «Moai» may be the prime tourist attraction, but the cultural past of native people has got a lot more to offer. Especially archaeology enthusiasts will find astonishing structures such as stone walls, elaborate stone and wooden figurines, stones houses, interesting petroglyphs and luring caves along with the rich variety of volcanic stone work.

Of course, the natural attractions should not be omitted when it comes to Easter Island on the Pacific Ocean. Beautiful palm trees, vast green fields and imposing hills create an iconic environment next to the blue ocean, seducing even the most experienced and seasoned travelers and globetrotters. In addition, marvelous beaches and warm, adorable hotels cleverly decorated with native symbols guarantee a pleasant and unforgettable stay to the visitors.

Should you visit Easter Island, don’t forget to attend a Polynesian dancing event. These traditional dances of locals dressed in feather costumes offer another extraordinary experience which is why it is a mainstay in the tourist itinerary. Finally, you can have a look to the picturesque Catholic churches of the island that will remind you the more familiar western culture after being indulged in the excitement of the fanciful native highlights.